Technitia’s Immigration Department

At Technitia, we make sure our clients have the right people and the right teams in place. We’re a global IT project support and specialized project services company that’s driven to help our customers succeed whether they’re Fortune 500 companies, service organizations, or governmental agencies. We provide highly trained IT professionals to help our clients meet their IT objectives. Our commitment to excellence shows in our understanding of our client’s businesses, our industry expertise, and our ability to provide a full suite of IT solutions. Our powerful proprietary recruiting process and proven methodologies precisely match the IT skills needed with the professionals to get the job done efficiently.

Overview of the Immigration Department

The Technitia’s Immigration Department serves two primary functions within the Company. We provide timely and cost-effective immigration services to Technitia and its employees and we ensure that the Company operates at all times in compliance with the U.S. laws and regulations that govern the immigration process.


The information contained on this site does not constitute legal advice and is intended only for the purposes of providing Technitia employees and prospective employees with a general overview of the immigration process. It is also intended to facilitate the immigration process by allowing employees and prospective employees to submit the information that is necessary to complete various immigration-related applications and petitions. The general public does not intend it for use.

Any immigration matters that directly involve Technitia should be referred to the Technitia Immigration Department. Readers are cautioned not to attempt to solve personal immigration problems on the basis of information contained on this site and are strongly advised to seek competent legal counsel when confronted with an issue relating to the immigration process.