Our Mission:

  • We are committed to building a premiere computer consulting company that clients love to work with.
  • We encourage, educate and support our consultants to do their best and have a sense of belonging.
  •  As a team, we earn our client’s trust, respect and confidence through technical expertise and creative know-how.

Our Vision:

  • Through creative and innovative solutions, we strive to be an industry leader in emerging technologies with a focus on continuous improvement, client satisfaction and employee development.
  • To be the most valued IT services and solutions provider among the Clients serviced, by delivering the managed IT services and solutions that our Key Clients and Strategic Partners value most.
  • To attract, develop, and retain the best IT professionals.
  • Availability to Clients/Live IT Help Desk.
  • We work with our clients through every stage in the life of the Enterprise Application Deployment. After making a detailed examination of current business systems, communication processes and general operations, we help you design the plan to improve the existing situation.
  • From our evaluation, we define the scope of the project, identifying clear and measurable goals. Our experienced staff can work 24 hours a day, on-site and from our TechnologyCenter.
  • Our ability to provide 24-hour staffing on your implementation accelerates the process, getting your system up and running expeditiously. Our Technology Centers are based in New Jersey.
  • Out Sourcing Support / Off-shore Development.
  • We are very selective in our hiring process generally choosing professionals. Our consultants bring extensive experience to every project and are industry focused; therefore, each project is approached from an in-depth understanding of the client’s industry, leading to tailored solutions that meet the clients’ specific needs. Offering competitive salaries, challenging career paths, ongoing training and development, we attract a high caliber professional staff. We place a high value on our professional staff, which fosters a culture of loyalty and motivation. This culture, in a fast growing organization, ensures quality and premium performance for our clients.
  • To the local communities that we work in we are committed to be supportive and a good corporate citizen by encouraging community awareness and conducting business with integrity and professional responsibility.

Our Core Values:

  • Our Core Values “Innovativeness”, “Expeditious Delivery” and “Quality Processes”. We continue to enhance these CORE Values and practice them every day and everywhere. Every one adheres to these core values: Front Desk, HR, Sales, Logistics, Recruiting etc. While strategies and tactics change, the values below endure as the standards by which we conduct our business.

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Commit to exceed Client expectations by blending our skills and proven methodologies into effective solutions.
  •  Be an ethical, trustworthy team player and IT partner providing people and solutions to quickly and cost effectively deploy products/applications.
  • Attract, Reward and Retain the best people by making them Employee-Owners.
  •  Recognize Automation /Innovative Technology and Reward the People responsible for using the Technology to improve. Client/Employee Service.

Technitia has evolved into one of the most reliable IT service partners in the market, our clients have come to rely on us not only for our knowledge of IT, but for the value we add to their business.