The search for synergy and continuity in business and technology initiatives is a critical success factor for enterprise projects. Technitia’s business analysis solutions can help you more effectively plan, manage, and implement customer centric business and technology solutions. Business Analysis (BA) is more than a system related function and in order to deploy best practices in this area an organizational perspective is imperative. Technitia has compiled a suite of consulting and training solutions that solve the challenges organization’s face when developing their BA processes and skill sets.  Technitia leverages a proprietary best practice implementation methodology to ensure that solutions render cost control, service and efficiency. All Technitia solutions are designed within a best practice approach producing repeatable and sustainable results.

Engagement Model

Upon engagement with Technitia we strive to maintain a customer centric engagement methodology for all of our solutions by leveraging these best practice methodologies we accommodate high degrees of client involvement and satisfaction in both our training and consulting service suites. Variations of this engagement model can be found in our training customization model when applied to that solution.
To further enhance our client experience we also leverage a suite of best practice measurement tools to ensure return on investment (ROI) has been met both in consulting delivery and training. During our consulting implementation milestones are build against a standardized project plan and collaborative stage gates are set for review and measurement with the client. Training is measured via validation of transfer of knowledge and by leveraging our training measurement model.

Step 1: Define
Initial solution requirements are critical in any project at Technitia our clients have the opportunity to interact with our subject matter experts early in the definition stage to ensure that the appropriate expectations are set and requirements are elicited.
Step 2: Validate
Upon definition your Technitia solutions team will create a model of the solution to ensure agreement on the path forward that can be validated with our client providing for an opportunity to further refine before moving ahead. This secures collaboration and a gateways for the client to become part of the solution.
Step 3: Refine
Based on the findings during validation your Technitia solutions team will further refine the approach creating a scope and measurable implementation plan that correlates with cost estimations and a project based implementation strategy.
Step 4: Design
Upon refinement stage and approval of the overall project your Technitia solutions team will work toward customizing the design of the solution based on pre-determined expectations keeping in mind that many of our solutions are built to be modular in nature and where our competitors are building from the ground up our clients benefit from a wealth of historical data, thus receiving custom solutions at unmatched value points.
Step 5: Implement
Upon completion of the design step, Technitia will move into implementation using a measurable and accountability based methodology. Each project also includes a close out analysis and lessons learned to add further value to our client engagement experience.